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Homework: Assignment


I went for a darker, grainy undertone for this sequence, trying to emphasize the isolation of crew on the heroic missions. Going though the photos from the NASA library, I selected some of my own as I really wanted to explore the interiors of the shuttles, and make the crafts themselves feel empty, void and antiquated, like as though they were gathering dust in a museum. I originally wanted to look more closely into the politics behind the missions but felt like it was slowing me down and detracted from my overall goals.
Whilst working on the style frames, I felt they needed to be animated, I was interested in finding ways of transitioning between so many shots in short succession whilst trying to maintain audience attention. I roto'd a bunch of the images for parallax so I could maintain a level of kineticism and to help keep a good pace going throughout the title sequence.

One Small Step Title Sequence - dexter george


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