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One Small Step

I wanted to show the journey of the astronauts, their heroism, the confined space and the isolation with the weight of a nation watching and listening to their every movement as they approached the Moon. I tried to capture the intensity of the astronauts as they peered out at the approaching Moon. Nothing is up or down in space which makes this extremely fun to play with various angles.

I used an OCR A Std (Optical Character Recognition) font, it is and was a font that could be recognized by computers and humans. As the computer systems they used were basic I found this to work nicely.

As cheesy as this is I used a font called Moon Light - It has a beautiful roundness to characters which works well with the theme.

Color grading:
To bring in the feeling of patriotism and the space race America had with Russia I used color grading by shifting the tones subtly to red and blue. On top I used a slight chromatic aberration with the reds and blues.

For me, it was all about simple, clean design. The anticipation of the world and the astronauts as they left earth and headed to the Moon. To see what they saw when they landed.


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