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An attempt at understatement
Homework: Assignment

It ended up being very chronological, where i kind of followed the timeline of the events and tried to depict each stage of the journey. I prolonged the space part of it, since they spent over 3 days in space, before landing on the moon.
I played around with font quite a bit before settling. I wanted something bold and progressive, but with some conservative elements since it happened quite some time ago.
I tried to understate the general look of the frames, sticking to a somewhat natural color palette, since some of the key words i ended up with was factual and historic, so i felt it had to be grounded, but iconic.
I felt like the title frame worked a lot better in my head. But i thought it could be cool, if the title looked like a footprint on the moon.
It went for the extra credit version, using only 20 of the images and made 12 narrative frames.

I gladly welcome feedback.


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