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Homework for Lesson 2 of Main Title Design Series

Homework: Assignment

Closer- Homework - Lesson 2

For this Homework Assignment I decided to go with Closer as the Main Premise:

A couple is relocated to their a job located in Tokyo. As they explore their new surroundings they slowly drift apart.
I reworked the whole Sequence with a new Type (Oswald) and also layed out the structure more clearly. We now start in the city moving out of it. While doing this the Framing starts to clip off more and more, moving the topic out of frame.

Original Submission Text:
I really liked the Concept of this one. I tried a few things with the Typography, but as I am having a bit of a hard time with Typography I decided to introduce the Images very early in the process. Nonetheless I had great fun in creating this series. The combination of clean and high contrast images led to a very reduced and clean type, to let the images speak. I feel that this was demanded by the images in some sort. I also tried to position the text very isolated and in if possible in opposing positions to communicate the distancing of characters through out the series/film. This is also the reason why i put them in high contrast B/W. In addition to that the images where cropped heavily to give them an isolated, cut off feel as well.

Typeset is Korolev Condensed
Images are CC and taken from Unsplash/Pexels/Pixabay.

Let me know what you think, if you come across this. Would be very happy to read your thoughts on this.

All the best,


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