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As a fictional movie I've chosen Kurdaitcha, because I like horror movies pretty much and the concept seemed inspirational to me. I took a bunch of fonts to play with. I think about ten. Then I came to the best duo in my opinion with KB Band and Adler fonts. I wanted to use something distorted to make viewer a bit uncomfortable and get a feeling of fear. Also it has to look like aboriginal symbols with a face paint like texture.

I didnt use any images except blood stroke details to focus only on typography. Also I've placed type not exactly according to rule of thirds but with a little misplacing for a reason of not doing the full image mathematically precised.
The 2nd font should've been also kinda grungy, so I decided to set up with a stamp font. Which could probably be taken for a creator behind the scenes no matter what kind of characters there are in this movie.
I also played with typography in the title. Personally I like the first one best. Rounded could be a nice design element but it is pretty hard to read it since the font details are pretty complex.

Since Nirvana is one of my favourites of all time I decided to try to play around it's typography. I wanted to blend cyberpunk aesthetics with sanskrit calligraphy. I will definitely go further in this and make full title sequence. So it's also a first step. I appreciate any thoughts and comments here. It will help to do my best in the nearest future.


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