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Homework: Assignment


I thought the Closer theme had an interesting concept, and although it's titled a romance, I wanted to interpret it as a kind of twee cult love affair, think Wes / Gondry / Spike.
My concept was to play on job relocation, by using the Katakana of the English titles to interweave and displace the crew's roles in the film, and as a way of pushing the Latin characters apart. Katakana is essentially the Japanese alphabet for slang or non-Japanese words, subtly acknowledging the premise of the film.
Developing the concept, I liked the idea of punctuation, and how I could use it to structure the design. The polarity of the square and circle helped me to further the contradiction of cultures. The circle could be interpreted as a full stop or a break, whilst the square gives a feeling of space.
Outlining the roles was partly aesthetic, I felt there needed to be more balance and allowed negative space, but if I had more time I feel like they could work as neon lights, endorsing the bright city lights of Tokyo.

Here's the film blurb if this makes no sense:)
A couple is relocated to their new job located in Tokyo.
As they explore their new surroundings they slowly drift apart.

Closer Main Title


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