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Homework: Assignment


For this assignment I wanted to set the story in the late Roman / Byzantine time period. Being a Game of Thrones fan, this story was the most compelling and I wanted to feature mosaics and other visual elements that reflect the time period to show the rise of a greedy king who is given a magic lamp that unleashes a fire breathing dragon who eventually destroys him and his kingdom.

Although I initially used the Heaven Gate (regular) typeface, I decided to trace over the fonts to create a more organic and rustic look that would be more fitting for type animation.The thin white lines that connect the cast and crew names between the different frames would be animated strokes that travel via a long camera pan, as if following a map.


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I cant express enough how much I love the variety and contrast that everyone is putting in to there work. You are going above and beyond here and we appreciate it :) Keep up the good work!