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Homework: Assignment


Homework II
01_the Grid:
I chose the DIN Demi Font because it's a sans serif font, it's a decent font which fits the idea of the future. The title is a Tenby Seven type. I liked the clean lines and it's not too playful but not too straight. Looks a bit like a computer font but there are still some roundings like in the G or A.
The Idea of the style frames is that the extra lines between the names open a portal/gate which allows somebody to travel through it.

02_Murder Maps:
Synopsis: This is a drama/documentary series which takes us back in time to the most shocking and surprising murder cases in history. This series guides into the world of the killer as we see how police ingenuity and early forensics helped bring them to justice.
Here I chose a mix of Courier New, Henrik and Helvetica.
The Courier New underscores a little bit the documentary style. I like the names written in Henrik and Helvetica, I accidentally copied an effect to the Hendrik font and it became this little handmade touch. It makes it a little more human with a bit of imperfectness. Because this show is about death, murder and forensic police work, I thought pictures of injured organs or broken bones would be a good idea, also added some lines circles and clinical instruments to show the forensic part of the series.


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