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Homework: Assignment


The three title sequences I've chosen to analyze are THE NIGHT OF (Method Design), SKYFALL (Framestore) and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (Blur).

The Night Of

I initially started watching it only because of the title sequence it self but turned out loving it anyway. I really liked the way the color grading and use of imagery really set up the viewer for the gritty dark journey we are about to embark on.
The first frame is a great example of the subtle hints at whats to come and reveal the actors name behind bars. Same goes for the victim in the second frame. I really liked the 4th frame because it gave me a sense that someone is always watching. The composition alone makes me feel like its from the view point of a surveillance camera which is used often in trying to put the pieces together in this mystery. Key elements are highlighted through out the sequence using a combination of photogrammetry, projection mapping, Dynamic simulations as well as nicely composed shots from the show.


This is probably my all time favorite 007 title sequence. I really like how seamless the transition is from the shot before when he falls into the water. The sense of scale in the first frame really does a great job of pulling the viewer down this journey. The use of fluid simulations are great and serve as a nice way to dial in that atmospheric effect used to depict forthcoming events. In the 3rd and 4th frame the camera pushes through a tombstone with the actress JUDI DENCH'S title is displayed another great example of foreshadowing. Along with a kickass track from Adele the final frames are tied together with the chorus. " As the Sky Falls".


Another one of my favs. First, Im a huge David Fincher fan! So I was pumped to see what he would do with this title sequence along with the talent over at Blur. I really loved the black on black hellish nightmare feel to this. To me this sequence although is entirely CG feels very visceral. I can literally feel the texture and tooth of some of the images on screen. This sequence does a great job at telling us the viewer about all of the books and not just the first one. So at some point its very linear but it deviates in way that I think works well with the pacing of it all. The type and the subtle animation is very cool and minimal but doesn't distract much. The fluid simulations are pretty rad and help establish the abstract world the titles are presented in.

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