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Homework: Assignment


Starting with The Leftovers, I remember first seeing the sequence and I was amazed at the design. The sequence nails down the core of the show instantly. It was a clever use of stills that remove a family member or friend out of the image and fill it with space. The series is about a 'departure', a moment where all these people vanished into thin air leaving behind loved ones. The selection was random so it didn't matter if you were a newborn or elderly. The images are also ones that you yourself would print and the create a connection to the viewer of moments in life where you too would reflect on this still and remember the times that were surrounded by it, grieving by the loss of that person or people who have departed. I really love the custom typeface too, it's a bold font that is also missing something, the holes for the various characters, D A O R and so on. Though missing, they are never forgotten.

True Blood was a title that I could never get enough of. The contrasts in the clips were amazing. It not only established location but it have such amazing contrasts. It feels holy yet portrays the exact opposite. It displays animals that thrive off death relating directly to the primal need of vampires. It gives us sinners in all manners that blend the desires of lust to good people of faith who crave the all mighty. The layout on the type was brilliantly put together to help the frame balance your attention and over all flow over the images. A story very well told and very bold.

Lastly is Wall-E. These are end titles but I think that they have a beautiful story to tell. With the movie ending with Humans once again discovering what beauty our Earth has for us, they set out to restore it. In the beginning of man, our drawings were crude and elementary, primitive. As the story progresses and we see life start to expand beyond the basics of fire and water, the art style also changes, giving more detail to it. Showing how fundamentals have been established we now start to evolve. Color and structure come life creating the foundations of new cities. Color starts to saturate the life that has been restored. The artistry ends with a flow of colors depicting the love of two robots who restored life to an entire race and it all started with that one plant in a shoe. The sequence is stunning. The paintings give you a history of art through the ages connecting the themes of building and evolving as a human race. Gorgeous work from Pixar and one of my favorite films from them by far.

Thanks everyone!


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Leftovers is what you call really clever design. A very smart way of using typography to convey a message. The audience is literally having to fill in the pieces in order to bring meaning to the sequence.

True blood brings out true emotions and a mood of unholiness. Its amazing what a collage of images arranged in sequence form can evoke.