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These titles really drew me in the first time i watched them the simple yet beautifully executed visuals fit perfectly for the character Daredevil.

There are many things i love about this visually, the texture, the use of fluids, the simplicity. But what i love the most is the story this sets up subconsciously before you even watch the show.

The sequence focuses on objects being born out of blood, a representation of what the character will have to do to achieve his goals or what the character has gone through to get here. The title cuts between many close ups of the objects all being lit up with a heavenly light from above, this is hinting at the daredevils ‘blessing’ from god, almost purifying the characters motives before the audience enters this world. Before i have even started the show, i am already rooting for this antihero.

This title has not just been executed in a stunning manner, but has achieved exactly what a title is meant to do. Ease its viewer into the adventure he or she is about to embark on.


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