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Manhattan (2014):

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Gotham Light

The titel for the serie Manhattan is very well put together. The serie is about the Manhattan Project, a military project to develop the first atomic bomb. The serie's is set in the small town Los Alamos, located in the middle of the dessert. This is where life changing science collides with the daily life in a small village. Secrets, math and building are core themes for the serie.

In the main title for this show these themes are briliantly shown, we start with an empty frame where a few people unite. From there we see the first houses being build.

The next moment shows two hands slipping out of each other, in the serie there is a lot of pressure on the relation ships due to the secrecy of the project. It is probably also a nice visual reference to six feet under.

After that the imagery of the houses become more schematic, referring to the design plans for the bomb. A splitting egg refers to splitting atoms. But it is also a metaphor for how the normal life (cooking food, taking care of the kids, etc) is intertwined with the work of building an atomic bomb. Later on ingredients in a recipe are being strikes through, this transitions into complicated equations being crossed with a black marker. Visually showing that all of this information is top secret.
In the next key moment, a graphical drawing of part of the bomb, is transferred into a dinner scene displayed in the same graphical style. Again referring to the daily live next to the complicated science. And how people just continue their normal live while at the same time knowing they are developing a weapon capable of wiping out entire cities.

Small dots referring to particles are expanding, this tranfers to the last frame of the title, going full circle showing the small people from above again. The people walk towards the same point, long shadows move out from the center, referring to a strong point of light, the atomic explosion. It might also be a reference to all this people working together like small cogs in a machine towards this common goal.

I really love how clean the overal style feels, transitions are very fluent. Yet at the same time there is an incredible amount of detail and layered story to this title. The sound track has this strong mystical feel to it, and perfectly builds stronger towards the epic shot with the final text treatment. I actually started to watch the serie because of this title, and was really bummed to find out that Netflix did't use the title.


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