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Homework: Assignment


1. TOCA ME 2013.

Each frame is a stand alone piece of art in it's own right. The use of a modified Helvetica Neue is subtle and always slightly offset from the main design, never intruding but placed with a sense of purpose. The live action shots mixed with the subtle use of 3D to bring in a slight movement is integrated seamlessly. The music is a beautiful piano piece which makes this even more elegant, giving the titles space and time to appreciate the work that went into creating this incredible piece of art.

TOCA ME 2013:

Making of:

2. Donnie Brasco

Before Morgan Stanley and True Detective used the double exposure technique Donnie Brasco title did this brilliantly. The intensity of this piece is outstanding, and setting up the tone for the movie is great. You do get a great sense of watching from the outside, the surveillance, the Kodak markings, subtle uses of color, the friendships and family, and finally the betrayal. The editing and animating of still images works really well adding to the "surveillance" and taking burst shots to not miss any details, fast paced cuts with slow fades only build the tension.

The typography is simple and clean and playing on the leading the type almost looks like it is coming undone, separating or becoming detached from itself. Indicative of what Donnie Brasco will go through in the movie.


3. Thank you for smoking

This has to be one of my favorite title sequences. Every frame and title is designed flawlessly in terms of the style of cigarette pack. Drawing upon countless brand name cigarette companies packs that we all recognize and beautifully integrating and animating from one title to the next. A subtle use of parallax and a sense of kinetic typography with the art work animating on each pack stands out.

For me, the typography is the key to this piece. The attention to detail to of every pack and the font use has been used in regards to what type of cigarette and era they come from is brilliant. It never feels out of place, and you always end up going "oh yeah, I've seen those before."

The intro song by Tex Williams - Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette is extremely poignant as it has a message about smoking yourself to death and is very upbeat at the same time. We all know smoking is terrible for you, but we smoke anyways. Adding to how easy it is to sell cigarettes.


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