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NETFLIX Original Series
Homework: Assignment

MINDHUNTER - Opening Title Sequence

I really like the dark subtlety of this title sequence.  The macro shots of the reel to reel recorder immediately tell us this is a story about voices, those of the living and those of the dead.  We are drawn into the sequence by shallow depth of field and slight shifts in lighting intercut with flashes of highly stylized images of decomposing corpses and bloody crime scenes.  The magnetic tape being wound around the rollers is quickly intercut with death-shaded wrists, bound together, rotting in coagulated blood and muddled in dirt.  The typography, simple but spread out, occupies the far bottom corners.  Perhaps the position is representing the FBI agents, consistently surrounded by darkness yet emboldened by their work, the recording of the stories of serial killers' perversions, as they desperately search for meaning and motive.  A hand roughly straightens a microphone on a stand, pushing tension and reinforcing the phallic nature that motivates so many of these killers.  Knobs turn and needles move, each uncovering more bodies and more mystery.  The dead hand, clawing at the last vestiges of life, a spider crawling over the fingers signifying a web woven, a venom staining the soul, signs of death creeping in the shadows.  The typographic reveal of the title "MINDHUNTER," with the graduated weights, getting thicker the deeper it goes, reminding us of the depth lurking beneath the shallow skin of humanity.  Not all things are as they seem on the surface.  The director's credit hangs in darkness, next to a microphone waiting for a voice to fill the void. 


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