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Homework: Assignment


Analysis 1: I chose this title sequence for a multitude of reasons. The first is that it's just a stunning piece of work, the imagery and score are absolutely beautiful. The second reason is that I feel that it tells the story of war and it's brutal nature and how it brings men together while breaking them at the same time. I feel like you could watch this title sequence and only this title sequence and have at least an understanding of what these men went through.

I chose the first image because it throws you into the war and the danger these men faced right away, I also love the color grading.

I chose the second image because at the time of WWII most men were very religious and I imagine seeing the things they saw, would have made them questions their faith. The soldier has his back turned to the Cross/grave which could represent his broken faith, the loss of a friend/friends, shame for the actions he has committed in the war, or that through all of the horrors of war his faith is the only thing that pulled him through and gave him hope.

The third image is just gorgeous.

The 4th image shows a grown man comforting another grown man during the time of the greatest generation. I'm not sure if the man on the left is injured or has maybe lost a friend, but the bond between these to men is unmistakable. Who would have thought that something as hideous as war could have created such a beautiful moment.

The 5th image is the one that has stuck with me for years the solider is so shaken by what he has scene and been through that he just looses himself and is completely broken. It sums up what I think war would be like, and it's masterfully shot.

The 6th image is just stunning and ties a bow on the entire sequence as these men stand together as family.


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