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Homework: Assignment

The 100



A nuclear conflict has decimated civilisation. 97 years later, a spaceship accommodating humanity's lone survivors despatches 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth. They discover that some humans survived the apocalypse on Earth.


Titles created by Royale.


These captures are from Season 2. You can see what remains of America - destroyed towns, Mount Weather, the Dead Zone, crashed ships, and other important story locations. The interesting thing about these titles is that with each season they add more scene locations and details to the title sequence. They also change and build on some of the scenes with each episode. As the story changes, so does the narrative of the titles. The camera flies over the landscapes quickly, giving action packed vibes while showing just how big the land is and how much there is to discover for the characters. The scenes also have very moody colours and lighting, making it clear this is still a mysterious and scary world.


The locations are overlaid with scifi style UI, depicting tracking markers, grids and blueprint maps. The icons and linework highlight specific points in each shot. The design marries Earth’s natural landscapes with futuristic technology. A new world built on top of the old world. It combines the themes of exploring and scifi together beautifully. The UI is animating throughout the title sequence, guiding the viewer’s eye to where the designers want them to look. Each scene and animation has meaning.



Written by show composers Evan Frankfort, Doc Dauer and Liz Phair. The music is very dramatic and epic, matching the grandeur of the title sequence and the vastness of the world.



Text animates on with line animations and subtle glitch effects, reinforcing the scifi vibe.

The font itself is a simple, thin sans serif with relatively wide tracking.

Names in all caps

Subtext in camel case


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