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Homework: Assignment


Paprika (2006)

Director: Satoshi Kon

Synopsis: A technology called Dream Therapy allows researchers to enter people's dreams. The opening sequence of the movie shows interlaced dreams with 2 protagonists, showing Paprika to help a man. The main title sequence follows and heavily hints that Paprika is the dream avatar of one of the scientists.

I selected the first 5 frames for their cinematographic quality, the composition follows the rule of thirds with a heavy emphasis on eye tracing and screen direction. The work on the font is extremely interesting, while being glowy and very attention centric, it kinda fades within the frame, like another layer of reality, which is one of the main elements in the movie. The transitions between scenes/dreams are particularly amazing.

Which brings us to the final 3 frames, the cuts reveal that we were experiencing the dream reality through Paprika, who's revealed to be the dream avatar of one of the scientists.

The evolution of the font placement is revealing in itself, it start on Paprika's face, ends up leading her trough the dreams and finally ends up on the scientist's face. The surimposition with the final frame being centered on the face act like lenses seeing through multiple realities.


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