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The Crown: Opening Title Sequence by Elastic

This title sequence takes the viewer on a macro focus journey through the formation of the crown of the British monarch. We are introduced to the crown in its most basic elemental form as gold mineral nestled in a bed of rock. As the gold forms and reveals itself as a branching liquid, themes such as the family tree, the royal bloodline and antiquity and the passage of time are introduced. Over time the molten forms the shape of the crown which is revealed through various camera angles detailing its many ornate intricacies.
The serif typeface appears to be from a roman family – possibly Garramond or a close variant.

Frame 01:

Gold lead forms from ancient mineral rock nestled in the mists of time. The frame is composed along thirds with diagonal movement from the lower left third to the top middle.
This is countered by a second strong diagonal from the forming gold forming an X. Matt Smith’s name title sits just above the bottom left third helping guide the flow of movement from left to right

Frame 02:

Molten gold continues to form an arc from the bottom left of frame to the tip of the top right third. The name title floats comfortably and balanced in space on the right horizontal third. The next frame symmetrically counters this one by using a similar arc form running in the opposite direction. This counter movement helps establish a gentle rhythm throughout the piece.

Frame 03:

A simple but beautifully composed frame with the arc of the crown formation sitting on the left third of the frame. The name title sits just below the upper third on the right and becomes the focal point. The shape of the arc is also echoed in the previous shots camera move that rotates on its z axis which serves as a gentle geometric echo of the previous movement in this frame.

Frame 04:

A centred composition featuring the crown band. This shot trucks backwards in z space and is an echo of the previous shot which has the same movement. Interestingly in the shot before frame 04 we are focussing on a different section of the band. When we cut to Frame 04 the camera has shifted right so that we are centred around a different section of the band geometry which smoothens the transition between the shots.

Frame 05:

Another centred composition framed around a blue jewel of the crown. The shape of the jewel forms a descending V which along with the other dominant ornaments creates a powerful X shape. The name title sits in the centre top third

Frame 06:

The final frame before the show title “the Crown” featuring a silhouette of the fully formed crown rotating in a circular turntable motion. The composition is centred. The crown is backlit through mist throwing light rays from the silhouette. A visual metaphor here could be that the crown is a lighthouse - the monarch acting as a beacon to the British people during tumultuous times, for example World War 2.