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Here is a running list of sample film loglines and titles to help you get started on your various assignments for Main Title Design. This list will continue to be updated as time goes on, so keep returning here if you're ever looking for more sample film ideas!


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The Hallow
America, the early 1700s. A land surveyor loses his bearings during a blizzard. Utilizing his unique skills, he must fight back against nature to return home.



A conniving magician cheats on his wife, a renowned psychic.


Three’s A Crowd
A polygamist man struggles to propose to his second wife.


The Show Must Go On
News anchors trapped in a TV station due to a blizzard are forced to report on the news for 72 hours straight.


Momma's Boys
Two brothers fight for their mother's affection leading them on a road trip around the united states.



Out of Time
Eight scientists are held hostage before they are able to publish their findings which could cure cancer.


An ex-mafia kingpin in witness protection finds himself committing crimes again.


Reckless and greedy business decisions lead a previously honest entrepreneur into a rabbit hole of debauchery, corruption, and crime.



A widowed Fortune 500 CEO fights for the custody of her autistic son.


A young immigrant’s vision of 1930's America deteriorates as he is repeatedly swindled by his manipulative contemporaries.


Mortal Coil
A homeless man inherits a large sum of money and finds himself in psychological freefall after failing to control his newfound wealth.


A concubine struggles to find her identity with-in her new family.



The Tale of Leon
A greedy King uncovers a magic lamp only to discover its powers are beyond his grasp.


Open Sesame!
Three wizards sentenced to life imprisonment plot their escape from a dungeon.


A woman gives birth to a cave troll and attempts to raise it conventionally.



Three Points
A World War I pilot briefly loses consciousness inside of the Bermuda Triangle and upon waking, fails to discover land or water, and that his gas tank remains full.


An aboriginal tribe accidentally disrupts the spirit of their dead shaman.


A newly pregnant woman fights for her life as her unborn child attempts to take her life.



Table For Two
An aging chef cooks dinner for the lonely painter who lives above his restaurant.


Covet Thy Neighbor
Two neighbors unknowingly have an affair with each other’s spouses.


A couple is relocated to their a job located in Tokyo. As they explore their new surroundings they slowly drift apart.


No Strings Attached
In the early 1900’s, the sister of a ventriloquist falls in love with her brother’s puppet.


Science Fiction

The Gate
The invention of teleportation has opened a world of opportunity for sinister crimes, and the scientist behind it is the only person who can stop it.


Artificially intelligent cyborgs host a peaceful protest in hopes of earning civil rights.


The Bends
A time-traveling hooligan experiences psychological delusions after taking too many trips into the past and future.



The Blitz
Two young British girls lose their families during The Blitz and struggle to survive in an abusive orphanage.


Brother Against Brother
During the American Civil War, two brothers encounter each other on opposing sides of the battlefield.


Equal Measure
During the Vietnam war, a group of American POWs take control of the camp and force their previous conditions upon their captors.



The Ties That Bind
A young doctor faces public ridicule after saving the life of a notorious outlaw; his brother.


Six Card Poker
Six competing saloon owners play a game of cards which slowly escalates to violence.


Lorimer's Liniment
A traveling snake oil salesman struggles to live with the guilt of his scandalous ways.


A bandit gunslinger is left for dead in the white dunes of the desert. His only chance at survival is fueled by his thirst for vengeance.



Cast & Crew List


Directed by

Cassey Abbot


Written by

Stephen M. Richards


Cinematography by

Theresa C. Hickney A.S.C.


Film Editing by

Ellen Parr


Casting by

Rudy Li


Production Design by

Charlie Yates


Costume Design by

Koa Nguyen



Rosalind Nuyen

Mai Wen

Paul Michael Chen

Alessandra Shedd

Sean Parisella

Catherine Hammond

Joyce Scott

Lena Singleton

Loren Colon

Joseph Greene

Francis Herrera

Wallace Bridges

Ricky Graves

Victoria Adkins

Sherman Lopez