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Homework: Assignment


The city by day: I built this piece by using orthographics only. It's been a lot of work pushing textures and smart objects back and forth into the final painting. I hit my personal limit in terms of not doing any 3D. Especially when it comes to rooftops! Does anyone have a good idea on how to construct those without the use of 3D? But anyway, I like the atmosphere and I'd appreciate if somebody gave me notes.


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i fucking love this David! The only thing im not a big fan of is the Balloon. The distant city could use something better. The best part is the buildings in the fg, mg. Would love to see this in higher res!

I would suggest changing the city in the bg. And having some windows brighter then others.

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Hey Ian! Thank you very much for loving it :-)

If you save the pic from your browser you'd get the file in higher res, at least in 2400 by ... whatever - don't know the downsized pixels since I built the whole thing in 4K.

I know I could do better and go much more into detail with lighting, interactive lighting and well, rooftops! But since this is my first city matte painting and I gotten to the point of overdoing it and spending too much time I wanted to wrap it up for now. And of course you noticed (mentioning the zeppelin), in terms of style, this one is not very decisive. Where does it want to be? Past, present, future, dystopian... Correcting all of this takes to much of an effort by now.

So I'd rather jump onto a new painting and get my fingers dirty. If you want, send me some of your work and I give you notes too. We are friends on FB now ;-)