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Homework: Assignment


First time poster, first week, enjoying it so far! Feedback would be awesome! Thanks!

Will try and do extra credit assignments!


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Cheers Patrick. Much appreciated. I can absolutely see what you're saying, it's one of the things that had clicked soon after I'd submitted this piece. I'm going to see how much I can relight the texture of screen left mountains, same goes for the background mountain as I really do like the texture I found for that.

Thanks again man! I really do appreciate it.

Cool! I think (feeback-wise) perhaps look at some of the light/shadows on your mountains / rock formations so they're uniform throughout. Your mid-ground right side) works well as the light is striking the left and the shadow is on the right, but your background mountain doesn't have a clear light direction that matches this. Same goes for the mid-ground rocks on the left side...