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First homework assignment

I tried to create something that is faithful to the brief that was given and did my best to create simple compositions that are in line with the principles discussed in the lesson. I used symmetry, the rule of thirds and the golden ratio as a guideline but also tried to make something that looks different from the concepts and sketches from the lesson. I would also like to add that I am a big fan of Dylan Cole, I like his work and he is a big inspiration for me, one of the pieces from the inspiration page I read was made from automotive engine parts and I find that to be creative excellence, he turned pistons into skyscrapers so to speak, it is awe inspiring.

Homework: Assignment

Desolate rocky environment concept

My goal for this homework was to use the ideas and workflow from the lesson in order to achieve a result that is aesthetically appealing. The sketches made range from 10 to 5 mins each (full focus), some were more inspired than others and took less time. I did not rush the sketching process as I believe that a strong simple composition is very important and makes a huge difference, I find that a good initial silhouette works wonders for the final piece and will admit that in the past I have not treated this with the respect that I should have. Out of the 4 sketches I chose the one that I liked the most and the one I felt had the sexiest silhouette.

Homework: Extra Credit

Extra Credit Homework

In these 2 sketches I used ideas that were discussed in the lesson and focused on near tangents (I don't think this is the proper nomenclature I don't know what else to call it), I find that you can use this concept to create an instant focal point and would say that it is a powerful tool if you want to emphasize 1 element from the composition, in this case a massive floating rock formation at the horizon. I have also created 2 extra concepts from the previous 4 sketches as requested, I will admit that I have created more than these 6 initial sketches (12 in total) but decided to only post the number of ideas that were specified in the homework assignment, no more, no less (but I am thinking of adding them when I submit the final piece for this project as part of the process breakdown).


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