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Homework 1

Hello! to begin I want to mention 4 paintings that I absolutely love.
1. The one from the last scene of raiders, cause I've seen that movie a thousand times and it had me fooled during years
2. There is one from ghostbusters 2, depicting a block of new york with a top to bottom angle... I just think its awesome
3. The imperial army one made by Chris Evans featured in the original star wars trilogy (Empire I suppose)
4. Well I dont know if it qualifies (probably not) but I really love the work of Nick Gindraux

Homework: Assignment

4 comps, 2 paintings

Here I attach four compositions each one showing the structure I started with. And a couple of paintings using photobashing. I did the extra but I can't send it. the platform won't let me submit the homework if I add the Extra section

Homework: Extra Credit

Here I made another 2 comps, this time without using any structure and one of them became a painting. The river was supposed to be lava, but it seems like a regular river


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