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Alien Mountain

Mystical mountain on earth that alien's living among the top of the mountain; no traveler has been reach to the mountain because its is easy to get lost

Homework: Assignment


As instruct on the class I started with drawing thumbnails of my idea and figure out what kind of tonal to use. I have used Golden ratio to make my art piece more dynamic and more structural . At early time I did not know how to create Matt painting pieces but after hearing the instruction It helped me how to process it and made me more confident on creating art pieces more.

Homework: Extra Credit

Extra work

These are the art work that I was trying to explore the different angle and perspective. I also explored a lot of skewing tool to match up the photo with my thumbnail sketches. It was challenging at first to compos all these images however when I had my thumbnail to base on, It was not too hard as I thought.

Homework: Additional Content


here is my inspirational artist's art pieces; I love their beautiful lighting and clean compositing


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