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Homework: Assignment

Final Lesson!

This was an incredible course. A huge thank you to Maciej for covering his process with so much depth. I was constantly learning new tools/techniques, then immediately applying them in the assignments. Rinse and repeat 8 times and there's not a chance in hell you wouldn't learn something. My only regret is not having known about this course earlier in my studies.

For this lesson, I decided to participate in the ArtStation Grand Space Opera: Light Age Challenge!

A prosperous civilization on a Venus-like planet entirely shrouded in clouds. Although the species of this world prefer the low light environments they evolved within, they've constructed towering spires to support the crops that feed their growing population. These spires mirror the construction and integrity of the of thriving giant trees that dominate the landscape, creating an organic and mechanical canopy above the clouds.

You can find my full submission here:


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