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Homework: Assignment


Hey guys this is my assignment. What do you think? i was wondering if the piece was balanced enough...

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Hey man, cool stuff I like the brushy rocks. In regards to your question about balance, I do feel like it could be a little more balanced. The value on the right is very light because of the sky and clouds and on the left, you have nothing that is of a lighter value. Since the highest contrast is near the big rock's shadow and the sky, our eyes stop there and don't travel around. Picture the balance thing with the triangle for a base. Right now you have a huge weight on the right side of the balance and nothing on the left. If you could try to think of a few things that are lighter in value to add to the left side of ''the balance'' it would definitely help out. For example, in my piece, I've put a water fall to balance things out. I hope it helps and keep it up :)