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Lesson 3 Homework
Homework: Assignment

This assingment was alot of fun since I had to learn a new technique. And while I took extra time on the assingment I'm still rather disappointed in the outcome. There is still so much to learn.

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Great work! I think the values are quite nice already, and the construction of the buildings are pretty solid.
If I might add my two cents: I think the Focal Points could be accentuated a lot more - especially the placement. The Buildings are a bit close to the borders of the images (You might want to focus a bit more on the rule of 3rds.) Giving the buildings a slightly different value range than the rest of the image might also help a lot. Focus a bit more on read - so maybe have a path lead into the image.
Also when you have a foreground element close to the camera, the texture needs to be defined a bit better. Great work otherwise, keep it up! :)