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Homework: Assignment


It was really time consuming exercise. I spent to much time on it I feel. And actually not so satisfied with result. I chose to do homework for pro but without that third most advanced kind of drawing because I felt it's not so necessary. So I did thumbnails, some on paper with pencil, no eraser, some digitally. I wasn't sure if we suppose to use photo references or just imagination. So I did both. Middle page of thumbnails is fully based on photos. After I chose five and did those 20-30 mins skethes (actually for some I spent a bit more). First one (third from botton) I feel the best one because I spent quite of time preparing (making rough light sketches) and because I well thought out all the lighting and details it really works. For others not so much. I was confused about lighting because in nature especially when it's cloudy there are no sharp shadows - so it was not a good choice of lighting for hatching technique. Yeah first two, castle in the field and in castle mountains, are poorly done... But others three for which I also did different perspectives are looking good I think. It was so much fun trying to imagine perspectives. I did like a small thumbnail of bird view plan for better understanding. Thank you for attention! Looking forward to next lesson... I'm a bit late with my schedule.


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