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These still take me too long, I definitely need to do more.
I've tried to link them to personal projects hence the story in some of them, just to try to make it more interesting.
Suggestions , Critique etc are always welcome.

Anyways back to it.

Update: Did more with timer, trying to keep feedback in mind. some failed of course. Ill probably keep doing these.


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A few suggestions if you don't mind.

Your major concerns when planning compositions is the placement of your objects and the lighting. Your objects just need to be symbols for things, not the exact object.

Before you make your own compositions consider studying some reference so you get used to natural perspectives and have a library of composition to get you started.
When studying or doing compositions, stick to the time limit you set. Draw only the big shapes/silhouettes ignore the details. Once you have the big shapes/masses in the right place add in the shadows.

I hope that helps.

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