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Homework: Assignment


Similar to last week, it was not until the 10th hour or so that I started worrying less about the technical process and more about the design process. For the first batch, it was difficult to do simple shading for the complex geometry used in the architectural styles for this week; so many angular medium and small shapes! So after a break, I started focusing on just getting the idea down without thinking about technique and this free flowing line style developed, thank goodness, and I was relieved of anxiety and started to focus on design. However, the anxiety came back for shot B on page 5. Holy crap that was alot of ellipses in three point! Not sure if the free flowing line sketches are as sexy as the simple shading (lines were able to communicate more detailed ideas, but do not have the clear readability of simple shading) but that is a question I will let Maciej answer. More to come tonight. Awesome work out there


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