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Homework: Assignment


Some works for this lesson, i will do more and post it later.
These sketches were done in 20 mins, except the first piece in Romesketch_1, Study and Deconstruction.

I don't know. Are these sketches too simple ?. Do i need to push some detail into those.


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Awesome sketches Tam, I love the dynamic angles. I'm having some issues myself to find such dynamic angles in my refs. I was wondering where you guys find your images? I keep searching google and flickr but I get many many global shots and almost not shots like these with dramatic shadows. Do you have any tips?

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For the dynamic angle, i just set up my Perspective Grid for them.
I blocked the forms first and added detail from references with some my own elements. For References i just go to Google and Pinterest. You can change the keyword to "Architecture Element" "Roman detail" "Roman house", etc. or find some documentary and take PrintScreen from it. Or you can find some popular buildings or places of the culture and look at its details
For the Dramatic shadows, you can find it in some Morning light or Golden hour light. Hope it will help you :3

Yeah, thank you - it's really hard to Sketch - clean lines - add details in 20 mins. but i will try to spend around 10 mins for shapes - forms. 7 mins for choosing a focal point and adding details. then 3 mins for cleaning lines. Hope i can do that in next pieces.