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Homework: Assignment


These sketches made 20 min feel like 30 sec! Nice to get away from the 3D. Impressed with all the work I have seen.

Updated with one new image: Ellipses are always tough to draw, and this fountain was a piece of work. Towards the end, when i knew that I only had a little bit of time left that might not allow three angles, I started to drawing less "precise" and started going with what felt right... and I wish I would have done that from the beginning, because it looked better! Its like allowing yourself to trust your instincts, which is not always easy and frankly, scares the hell out of me. The ellipses are still wonky, but i think its time to put this one to rest (hard to tell if that is not giving 105% or just being self aware of my current skills) and carry my leanings to the next one.

Its very refreshing reading everyone's process too, and honestly, reading about what gave you trouble, because I can relate to that and its comforting to know that art is difficult for everyone at some point.


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thanks man. its been like Christmas morning over here since this class started! and, wow, the level of professionalism you guys have going on here is king kong sized! Thanks for putting in the hours (or paying someone else to help out :) ) to create this awesome intuitive platform for us.