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Homework: Assignment


I tried to replicate a scene from Memoirs of a Geisha with a quite impressive interior lighting. It's not the work I'm most proud of, but gave me the chance to try actively to imitate a specific lighting. In that sense I'm happy, but I've just noticed too many things I need to figure out.

How to work properly on clothes, despite it wasn't my goal for this week, I notice it's more difficult than other organic subjects, as well as its materials, because I wasn't able to create half decent translucent clothes. Also I used DAZ to pose the characters because it just works decently to me, but that's another point I need to work on. And I could have worked the scene better painting some textures inside 3dcoat like the lanterns...

So not my best assignment, but I guess noticing the weak points it's the first step to transform them into stronger points and solve problems.

(First overpainted image, second marmoset render, third reference)


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