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Homework: Assignment


UPDATE 12/05.2016
ADDED the final image with Photoshop overpaint.

Hey folks,
Here's my week 4 homework.
This is just the basic render so it lacks all the adjustments Im gonna eventually have in 2d, but it was super fun and I tried to apply all the different techniques as seen in the lessons.
Rocks are based on one design, properly stretched and distorted with the cut and clone brush. Tree is just a doodle with the sphere brush and leaves are the carve tool. Grass is again sphere brush. The details on the ground are just bump maps from the original texture (but they look convincing enough).
The lizard-salamander is nothing special modelling wise but I'd it was a good exercises based on the curve/sphere workflow. One mistake I did was collapsing the teeth with the head so I couldn't assign a specific material once in keyshot.
I spent quite a bit of time there as I wanted to get a result as good as I could before exporting some shot. On production I'd probably try to be quicker and would accept a rougher blockout.
Other than that I'm having a lot of fun, grasping this software more and more everyday.
Critiques and feedback are always more than welcome!



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