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Homework: Assignment


Week 3

I wanted to see if I could use what i learned so far, and find out if 3DCoat worked for detailed interiors, as I often do interiors for animated films. I took 2 scenes from Alien and tried to recreate them. Fun, and learned a lot. It does certainly work for these smaller corridors and rooms, but will have to see if its usable for bigger interiors.
One thing I found out is that you need to be careful to export the mesh in real world scale if you want lights to behave like in real life when lighting in for an example keyshot. If you google 3dcoat real world scale there are some solutions on how to tweak that in 3dcoat. If you render the mesh in blender, or any other 3dapp, you can just rescale the mesh to the appropriate scale, but for some reason rescaling a mesh after importing it in keyshot messes things up.

Last image is a raw render.
Eager to jump on the next class!


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