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Homework: Assignment


Hi! I wanted to create a medical prop, and I've just noticed with this assignment how bad I am in designing directly in 3d. I'm kind of all the time looking at how to use the tools than the design as it is for now. Probably I´ll do better having a really loose sketch first, and then experiment in 3d with that idea in mind.

On the other hand, some of my difficulties with this (I´ll really appreciate any help or advice for it) were:
- I didn't get how to use the 2D paint tool at all yet, I don't know how to place it on the space correctly for example.
- The program crashes or get laggy too many times, and it stops obeying my Cintiq's express key remote regularly.
- I don't manage the layers well enough yet, sometimes clicking new layer it is created with a copy of the previous object, or I cannot select several to apply a transformation to them (but as someone told me I think it's just the program way of working, so I just need time to keep practicing with it).
- I don't know how to create materials or textures in Marmoset, but well, as a base for painting this is much better than any 3d knowledge at all :)

Anyway, this took me too long and a bit of frustration, but the next will be better and faster for sure. Step by step. Thanks for this lesson, Jama!


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Dont give up. It's a tough process even with the "easygoing" attitude of 3d coat. We all have been there. Im still there myself ahah, but take your time, Im still on lesson 3 working slowly a mech of mine.
Don't give up :P