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Falco Air Fighter

I decided to model an air fighter I imagined from a book by Brandon Sanderson, "Skyward". I have always liked Top Gun and this book is a bit like it but with a lot of fantasy and sci-fi so I thought it would be a nice project to apply the knowledge from this lesson to try to visualize an air fighter like the ones in the book.

Homework: Assignment

Create a hardsurface sculpt in 3D-Coat using the techniques covered in this lesson.

I actually decided to not to only model it, but texture and render it as well. I just wanted to try out this workflow that Jama uses and by practicing every day with the tools I started to become faster and more comfortable with the whole process. I also watched the recorded mentorships where I could watch and hear some amazing tips which helped me a lot!

Homework: Extra Credit

01 Short story featuring my invented squad: Nightstalker Flight

An unknown group of alien ships has been spotted. Nightstalker Flight had been dispatched to engage the enemy.

Homework: Process


Blender to block out big shapes, randomize transform to have happy accidents, photoshop to finish sketching. 3d coat to model, auto uv and texture paint. Octane to render. Photoshop to finish.

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