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Directly applying the teachings to a live project.

This was one of my first forays into 3D Coat and I ended up using the lessons in the course directly into a personal everyday's project. It was interesting as my thoughts were simply to complete my piece and without fretting too much on the end result. I think this was liberating as usually, I would spend much time trying to get the most out of what I'm being taught. A lot could be refined but the speed of 3D coat to get something work-able very quickly is great for ideation.

Homework: Assignment

Simplicity rocks!

I used the extrude function in this lesson to get interesting forms from a very abstract image I had. Then I had another object which didn't look right by itself. I then intersected them in 3D applied a very crude shader and rendered it out. The speed was very quick but it was enough to blemish in Photoshop and bring it to life further. In hindsight, I would put more atmosphere and cloud in there to sell the idea of scale and where the viewer is placed.


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