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Ideation, sketching, and development

I tend to think a lot during the sketching process as opposed to 3D Modeling like with Fusion 360. With this particular project I am attempting to figure out a good chunk of the overall functionality and scale of the product while at the same time leaving the specifics for the 3D Modeling phase just ahead.


Product Aspects/Thoughts

Perception of Value and Brand: Since this is a timer that is meant for the budding/intermediate chef I nneed the overall brand value to be slightly above average to still give the timer a sense of specialized equipment (especially for the design concious chef who loves doughnut shaped things).

Personality and Character: Approachable, yet still professional. I need this thing to blend in as an intriguing yet timeless cooking countdown.

Ergonomics and Usability: The diameter of the timer should fit approximately in the hand the same as a donut. For reference I am meuring water bottles at the large end of grip (i.e. diameter of a hydroflask). Having texture on the turning top of the timer will aid smaller hands with fine tuning to the correct time setting.

Masculine/Feminine: Fairly Neutral, slightly more feminine due to the soft looking form, masculine due to the edge linesand caulated details.

Trend/Timelessness: My intended use of the transparent material will give the product a slightly trendy feel with what I consider to be a more timeless use due to the interesting fuctionality and intentional aesthetic choice.

Additional Content


sketches illustrating proportion/balance, contrast, form, and hierarchy.

Additional Content


Kitchen Timer thumbnails along with notes on form/proportion, and design details.

Additional Content

Ideation Sketch

Slight more refinement than thumbnails with some final exploration into the hinge mechanism. Looking forward I will be working on more with the proportions of the materials as well as the texture and interaction options for the top of the timer. Might play around with having a texture similar to sprinkles on the top! 


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