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Maennlicher & Schoenauer Nemesis-X - The Nemex

A gun concept I started a while ago, as I needed a subject to dive into CAD modeling with Fusion 360. The inspiration for this one came from the dystopian near future novel “Market Forces” by Richard K. Morgan, who is mostly known for the novel ‘Altered Carbon’.

The ‘Maennlicher & Schoenauer Nemesis-X’ or short ‘Nemex’ is the standard gun issued to executives of a specific company in a world, in which executives & managers duel each other to the death in armored cars on the highways for promotions or in conflicts between companies. Very cool book, check it out if you are into this kind of stories ;)

I wanted to think about a gun design that could incorporate advanced computing to increase accuracy by counteracting the gun’s recoil, utilizing the explosion gases in a complex system of stabilization ‘thrusters’.

The design is a little more on the entertainment side of things, but I wanted to give it the feel of a product design or advertising campaign, not unlike an ad for an expensive watch etc.

Homework: Extra Credit


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