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Torch 5M Travel Companion

For hikers, outdoor people, adventurers there is the Torch 5M Travel Companion, for illumination and recharging of devices.

- The main focus of its design is reliability, endurance, and practicality.
- 5M stands for five modes of illumination, Torch, Side Torch, Flood, Tent and Beacon.
- IP68 is the minimal goal of this device.
- Using a single button to cycle through the modes with the exception of beacon mode. Another way of operating is holding the power button for various modes. Turning off is 2 seconds, Beacon mode is 10 seconds.
- The power button sits in a concave surface to better protect it when colliding.
- The hand grip has a directional grain that guides the user towards the power button. The underside receives a different or more subtle texture to let the user know which side is up or down.
- At the bottom are two USB ports, a USB C and USB A protected with a rubber seal. This location has been chosen to avoid particles like dust or water from entering the ports. Also suspending it in a tent for instance grants better access than the back for instance.
- The opposing side of the flood lights are two attachment points to bind to any piece of equipment with rope.
- At the back is a loop to suspend the torch in a tent or with a carabin.
- The lights are sitting inside the outer hull and have a guard that offers extra protection when colliding.
- Looking at the top of the torch on the posterior unit, there is an indicator bar of the current charge using low power LED's. This indicator sits inside the hull to avoid direct contact during a collision.
- The last 20% of charge uses a warmer tone. Colors in the red spectrum uses the lowest amount of power.
- If any devices are being charged, the power indicator bar has two yellow lines indicating the approximate charge left after the device has been recharged to 100%.
- Using Strontium Aluminate to create a "Glow in the Dark" effect around the most important features. These are the outlines of the grip area, power button, charging ports, and attachment loop. This material has been chosen because it emits light much longer at a higher intensity. Downside is the additional costs.
- Still considering the design, but at the back are four attachment tunnels for charging and accessories like a telescopic arm.

Extra Design
- Architected materials could be used to protect the internals and structural integrity of the Torch, a process that I will not spend time on due to the complexity and limited knowledge.
- Self-recharging capability using either solar power or kinetic energy are far too complex or far-fetched to implement efficiently.
- Using syntactic foam at the front to shift the weight in favor of the back, might help in the rare situation the torch is sinking to detect it easier.

Homework: Assignment

Lesson 2 Assignments

The thumbnail sketches and ideation drawing. I noticed that using approximately sized object are useful to take a photo of, and using it to draw over the intended design.q


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