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Examining the Volvo V40 car key fob

1. Rectangular shape with beveled corners, barely any hard angles.
2. Good shape to hold using index, middle and ring finger to rest the key fob. Thumb is the digit to interact with the
3. The key fob is almost symmetrical, making it fit the ignition hole both sides.
4. Directionality, the user knows what the front is since the back has a manual key with a different material. The
buttons to help distinguish the top and bottom.
5. Both the top and bottom have a widened extrusion to put the key fob into place. This communicates the
maximum insertion the key fob has in the ignition.
6. At the bottom, the same widened extrusion covers a sliding lock to release the manual key. Smart and efficient.
7. Front side has small gaps, probably to make contact with the ignition/board computer.
8. Back side has one small hole opening up two sides of the key fob. Most likely for a small wire to be hung from a
set of keys.

1. Subtle difference between the buttons and plastic housing.
2. Button side is recognizable thanks to indented lining, indicating possible interaction.
3. The lock and unlock buttons are distinguished thanks to the subtle concavity on the unlock button.

Points of interaction:
1. Using the key fob in the dark isn’t a problem, the manual key indicates the direction and the differences
between the top and bottom are contrasted by the button indentations.
2. To use the manual key, the user has to slide the metallic lock to take out the key. This material relationship
makes senses since both are the same material.
3. Almost every element the user can interact with is labeled with a white color.
4. Symbols indicate the functionality.

1. With limited knowledge, the buttons are a smoother plastic, might be a polycarbonate with urethane rubber
2. The front feels softer than the rest of the plastic housing. This might be because of the electronics to send a
signal to the computer of the car.
3. Manual key is most likely metal coated with an even finish.
4. The Volvo logo has a very smooth surface, indicating the key fob orientation too.

1. Its construction is “watertight” without any visual part lines. Security comes to mind when thinking about the

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