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4. Final Concepts

All in a nutshell I have to say, that I like this course very much. Since my favorite movie Ender's Game came out, I wanted to learn how to create those awesome FUIs. And now I am one step closer to that point and that makes me totally happy.

Homework: Assignment

Creation of the final images. (Comping Exercise)

It's getting awesome. In this mini assignment I combined the flat HUDs with some nice background and gave them a glass look.

Homework: Additional Content

Homework. (Presentation, Packaging and Video)

In my last homework for this course I put all of my rendered images in an Adobe InDesign document and exported it for presentation. The good thing is that I could skip the second step because all of my files where already pretty clean. In the third step I made this little explanation video for myself. I don't upload it because the mic quality isn't that good.


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