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2. HUD Modules

As the lesson before I liked this part very much because now the HUD is starting to get alive.

Homework: Assignment

Grouping assets. (Organization Exercise)

I finished this mini assignment in my last student work I uploaded. So, I don't reupload it.

Homework: Additional Content

Building the assets in Adobe Illustrator. (Asset Building Exercise)

In this mini assignment I took my sketches, brought them into Illustrator and created the vector based asset army.

Homework: Additional Content

Designing the region modules. (Module Exercise)/Sketching the HUD. (Standart HUD Exercise)

I misunderstood the module exercise and thought that I should sketch the HUD. So, I accidently skipped the region module part.

Homework: Additional Content

Breakdown into the modes. (HUD States Exercise)

In this mini exercise I broke down my HUD into the mode stages. For that I used the brief builder and my big mind-map. At the end I had five different modes.
- Bootup
- Dormant
- Targeting
- Critical
- Searching

Homework: Additional Content

Homework. (Create the HUD)

In this homework I vectorized my HUD in Adobe Illustrator. So, we can go on, bring it into Adobe Photoshop and give it some color.


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