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1. Getting Started

The lesson getting started was very useful for the understanding how to define a HUD. I also liked the informations about the freelancing process in this branch of the movie and game industry.

Homework: Assignment

The three different scenarios for my HUD. (Brief Builder Exercise)

In this mini assignment I choose the different scenarios for the Head up Display. Furthermore, I provide you a German and English version of an empty brief builder document. Additionally, I created a summary picture of the ratios which is only in German (but I think that doesn't matter).

Homework: Extra Credit

The ratio document and the empty brief builder document.

I recreated an empty version of the brief builder document (German/English) which was shown in one of Ash Thorps tutorials. In addition, I created a document which shows the different ratios in relation together (German).

Homework: Additional Content

Analyzation of three HUD's. (HUD Analysis Exercise)

In this mini assignment I searched for three different HUD's and analyzed them. (The dates are in German order.)
First HUD: (Davison Carvalho/Artstation/05.07.2020)
Second HUD: (Davison Carvalho/Artstation/05.07.2020)
Third HUD: (Davison Carvalho/Artstation/05.07.2020)

Homework: Additional Content

The different HUD modes. (HUD Stages Exercise)

In this exercise I tried to point out the differences between the different HUD modes. (The date is in German order.)
Analyzed HUD: (Evgeny Rodygin/Artstation/05.07.2020)

Homework: Additional Content

Design Planing Exercise and Moodboard Exercise.

I don't upload the documents to those phases because first of all my timetable is unimportant and second I don't have the links to all of the pictures which I had put together in the moodboard.

Homework: Additional Content

Homework. (Building the Asset Army)

For this homework I created a huge mind-map with the use of coggle ( | Link to my mind-map). After that I had built the asset army.


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