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SATURDAY_FEB 4. New update. I finally got to spend some time improving my homework. For the latest version(first Image). I made the tower texture more metallic and added a subtle bump on it, also added more fog in the bg to bring the maintower a little forwards. Special thanks to the critique from Adam Swaab! It really helps pushing the HW to another level!

Lesson 04! I say Houdini is so powerful in procedure, fx, and more asset tool! I'm really starting to love it, will definitely start practicing and dive into it deeper!
Just complete my lesson 04 homework!. Based on the hw03, I added more story into the scene.
**Long story short.... this is more like an astronaut/ explorer discover a digital tomb/ main power system(something HUGE and powerful)... (reflecting myself learning this powerful software- houdini at learnsquared).

Below is a little breakdown of the passes I separate from photoshop to create the Final image. The lightning and the character are not render from Houdini, it's from google image search plus a little of manipulation and color grading. (the second image has exclude the lightning and the astronaut, is just Houdini render subtle tweaking ). Any critique or comments are definitely welcome! Thanks!


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Great job!

I think you could use a little more atmosphere to separate the main tower from the background.

For materials, I think it needs a bit more variation in the shader in the roughness and reflection channels to break it up. Feels a little plastic. Not sure if it is your balance of diffuse/reflection or just the broad lighting on the surfaces.

Dirty lens effect, maybe tone down a little bit. Seems too prominent given the lack of light aimed at the camera.

Love the concept and mood. Did you have any problems getting this to render?

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Wow! thankyou for liking it! Apppreciate so much for all the critique, telling me what I don't see and it's helping to improve it! I will definitely refine it and reupload it again!
Now that you mentioned, I really agree where my main tower is blending into the background. I will ty to tweak and rerender it!
The materials.. I think both, I dont have much of variation material plus the lighting is bit over and causing the material plastic look...will bring up the reflection to show more metalic look. So far... I don't really have any problem getting it to render, it's actually pretty fast on my macbook pro. :)