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Homework: Assignment


Finally! Finally have my lesson 03 homework done. I wanna say this greeble asset tool built in houdini can really handle a lot of polygon! It's not necesary has to be like a greeble scifi tool but can be a lot of thing! The idea to make a scifi tomb scene has stuck in my mind for awhile and It kind of happen here!.
At this point, i had a lot of fun experimenting in houdini. Although I redo a couple times on the greeble asset, I learn a lot, bout how the asset shall match the enviroment, how you can add more parameter to have more control is really satisfying!
My idea for the enviroment is to create some kind of a digital tomb, is something like tron but more old and abandon. I will add more story in deails at lesson 04 to complete the scene together with the final render! I have attached the color mood and some reference to help present my enviroment! One last lesson to go.. Cheers!


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Hey! Thanks for liking it man! Yea. This procedure techniqe is really powerful! with a little push on the concept and idea . The greeble tool can really sell a lot more!
I'm liking your homework from lesson one! Never thought about building that! and you even spend time putting on texture! its looking good! Keep it up together :D