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Homework: Assignment


Lesson 02 information is a lot! really start to learn a lot in VOP parameter and more! Checking back and front between lesson 02 and 03 homework. I hope the asset I built for lesson 03 is right to be use.! might need to do some adjustment and add more after lesson 03 class!

Having fun building up a little building and use the multi scattter tool learn in lesson 02 to achieve the city look! Still not familiar with the render. Perhaps this happy accident works a litttle bit! can't wait to see what comes next!


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Good job! Some normal angles need to be adjusted on your rendered images. Some faces look like they are interpolating edges.

Don't worry too much about rendering just yet. We go over that in lesson 4. For a start, though, I would just use an environment light with a HDRI image plugged into the environment map slot.

Greeble objects look good. Good variation in there. I'd try to get some that don't use a square grid as a starting shape. Add some L, T, U, H shapes, etc.

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