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Table Digital Asset

I wanted to add a bit more than just four legs on a flat plain for the table so i added in aditional details to the design of the legs. this design is simialr to my own kitchen table so i used this as my refference.

Homework: Assignment

Digital Asset Lesson 1 Assignment: Table

Here my attempt at a table Houdini digital asset creation for Lesson 1. Will say the UVs could do with a bit more work, was unsure how they would update to the changing geo higher up the network. Although for a first attempt at using Houdini im pretty happy with how it turned out.

Most of the table is powered by a grid (for the shape of the table + the placement of the legs with a copyToPoints SOP) and the legs have a torus shape to cut out the make the design.

Had a lot of fun building this.

L2 : Procedural Foundations, Houdini Digital Asset Lesson1 Assignment


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