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A Vintage Monstro

After deviating from my initial idea, the concept I decided to go with was to build a Red Digital Cinema. A superb quality digital camera, built on a modular structure. Detailed components are designed alongside this thing. Expanding it from its original form into something more powerful and versatile.

You can see the entire project either on behance

or on my website

Homework: Assignment

Finalizing the Project

Our brief was to create several portfolio-ready final images. Although Kirill used keyshot, I didn't have access to it as I've already used up my trial. So I went the long route of obj exports, uv-unwrapping, substance painter, cinema 4d, octane, and photoshop.

Homework: Additional Content


Ended up doing a few animations and added them in a supercomp.

Fully Rigged - Super Comp


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